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Giving Energy Vampires the Cold Shoulder

Dave Clarke
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As the weeks go by, and your to-do list grows, so does your stress level, often leaving you with plummeting energy.

By the time it's over, do you feel like it's been one long night of the living dead, and you're the one the star zombie has been chasing?

Try these stress-busters to zap those energy zombies before they drain you dry.

Stress-Busting Strategies

  • Herbs and Supplements for Stress and Anxiety

    • Holy basil, along with schisandra, and rhodiola, all are known for mitigating stress, calming nerves, and relieving anxiety. 
    • Vitamins C and B can supplement your immune system, warding off infections and cold and flu symptoms, stressors you definitely don't need.
    • Stress also depletes your magnesium levels so a little extra Mg during the holidays couldn't hurt.
  • Mindful Meditation

    A few minutes of mindful meditation, including deep breathing and stretching exercise, can go a long way toward keeping you sane.

  • Exercise

    Researchers at the University of Southern California found that something as simple as a vigorous 20-minute walk can lower tension levels by 20 percent.

  • Laughter

    Laughter releases endorphins, nature's natural stress buster, so whether it's at the theater or at home, a good comedy can vanquish those vampires.